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Questions should get more votes on this site

In my experience on this site, questions do not get enough votes, up or down. This is a problem for a beta site, as the votes and people with certain rep levels must be made for site graduation. ...
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Why are there only two options for the migration target site?

If you vote to close question as off-topic, and then chose 'This question belongs on another site on the Stack Exchange network', you can select a community to which it should be migrated. However, ...
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How we can motivate our users to vote?

This is a question and answer site. Voting is the main feature and distinguishes this site from a forum. Voting is key to stay motivated for answering questions, because of reputation changes. I ...
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No vote recorded, but still "locked in" without edit to answer

The answer at wouldn't let me vote on it yesterday; it said my vote was locked in unless ...
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