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Merge h264 and h.264 tags

Like the title says. Both tags exist, but we only need one. I'm partial to h.264 over h264. It also has double the questions.
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Tag update: sony-vegas to vegas-pro

It hasn't been called Sony Vegas for a few years now. We should change the tag to vegas-pro and make sony-vegas a synonym.
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There should be a synonym between [premiere] and [adobe-premiere]

Tags premiere and adobe-premiere should be synonymized or merged, right? Presumably premiere would be the dominant tag since it is older.
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Another [tag] ambiguity... tracking

Not very many questions tagged tracking at the moment, but they're basically split. We've got tracking as a likely synonym for audio-recording. And also tracking as in, "following the movement of" as ...
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Tag Synonym Request

Can we create a tag synonym for synth and synthesizer please? [I don't have enough rep to propose directly.]
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