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Requesting "call-out" tag

I just posted a question that is about adding a "call out" (text with some line pointing at something). I realized that there is no call-out tag yet. Would it be considered to be too ...
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Suggestion to add "lossless" and "no-reencoding" tags

I suggest adding lossless and no-reencoding tags, What are these tags? lossless tag is to be used for the operations requiring no quality loss. no-reencoding tag is de facto subset or lossless tag ...
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We need a tag for all the "can I re-encode my video without losing quality" questions

Every second question on VP seems to end in the phrase "… without losing quality", because losing any quality will totally kill you when you have some AVCHD 8-bit footage off a handycam that ...
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Sample-rate tag

I think this site would benefit from a sample-rate tag. I just started using it and posted a sample rate related question and couldn't find a fitting tag to use. Also I think there should be a tag-...
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