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Reclaim owndership of anonymous question

Before joining the Video Production Community, I posted a question. I have since joined. Since the posting was done using my email address, how can I have that question "reclaimed" by, or ...
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can't edit tag wiki

I've edited a couple of tag wikis a couple of days back, this morning just had them approved which is great. Now I go onto another tag to add some info such as the adobe tag which has no info. I ...
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Offtopic discussion rephrased, may it be reopened?

I rephrased the questions from Remastering cartoons towards vector animations is this good enough to be reopened?
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I made a bounty on VP's SE. What happens if no one answers it?

I set a bounty on one of my questions. It doesn't seem to get any response. What will happen if the question won't get any answer or none is satisfying? Thanks
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Was I treated fairly by this user and moderator?

The OP: Need help finding the right video production software My original Post (without the mods changes): The moved to discussion topic: https://...
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Can solved questions not marked as answered be closed or marked as answered?

I have observed quite a few questions which have solutions acknowledged but not formally accepted by the OP. Some of these solutions are self-supplied by the asker. Case in point: Maya batch render ...
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What happened to my answers and related reputation points?

I wasn't active on AVP during the last couple of months (just reading) and today I have noticed that large part (more than half) of my answers disappeared and the reputation points, related to these ...
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What does it mean when a question is greyed out?

When I visit I see this question regarding LiVES software in the active list. However it is greyed out as shown in this image: What does that mean?
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Where's the search box?

I'm here on the mobile site via my phone, but can't find any manner of search box anywhere. I must be looking in Alderaan places. Is the search box stripped from the mobile site? Any ideas (besides ...
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Can I change username?

Can I change the username I have all over StackExchange without re-registering? It seems like my question wasn't long enough... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum ...
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Question not accepting edit

I am new to Audio Video Production Beta. After having posted my first question , I found something I wanted to change and thus went into edit mode. I added 6 characters to the first sentence, then ...
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Why am I not able to upload images with my question and other formating which are there in other stackexchange sites like latex

I am not able to include(upload) images while asking questions why is this?
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Site intro text is out of date

I noticed that when I go to the main AVP site, the little box on the left hand side said that this site was for music composers. Aren't questions about music somewhat off topic, as they should be on ...
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Removing obsolete comments

Now that this is avp, can we have some effort to remove obsolete "this is off-topic" comments on migrated questions? I worry that this site will seem even more unwelcoming than SEs sometimes do if ...
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Tag Synonym Request

Can we create a tag synonym for synth and synthesizer please? [I don't have enough rep to propose directly.]
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Audio Equipment in FAQ permissible list

Hi, I was wondering if 'audio equipments' are deliberately excluded from permissible topics list in the FAQ page, as I have not found any implicit or explicit references to ...
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Can we have a [signal-processing] tag?

This question was originally posted on StackOverflow, where it was suggested it belongs on audio.SE. I don't see a [signal-processing] tag on audio.SE, and this is definitely a signal processing ...
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