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Add flag for migration to Stack Overflow

I have a suggestion for a feature i.e Adding a flag for migration to Stack Overflow.
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Offtopic discussion rephrased, may it be reopened?

I rephrased the questions from Remastering cartoons towards vector animations is this good enough to be reopened?
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Are questions about videography on-topic?

According to What topics can I ask about here?, it seems that the answer is yes, though not explicit. However, when browsing the front page I have a feeling that this site is more about technical ...
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Should we limit the scope of ffmpeg questions that we cover?

I have noticed we get an extremely high number of ffmpeg questions on this site. I'm wondering if this is the best place for them. My initial thought had been that ffmpeg works with video, so why ...
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Are the "What software do I use to make this video" questions off topic?

There seem to be a lot of "Here is a video , what software do I use to make an ad like this?" questions. IMHO They're pretty pointless because yes, you can tell the asker that they can use After ...
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Are review and critique questions on-topic?

On Stack Overflow, code review questions are off-topic and are migrated to CodeReview.SE. On Programmers.SE, questions asking to review a particular architecture or design are mostly on-topic (unless ...
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Are questions about Flash animations/ads on topic?

Flash has a wide range of possible uses. It can be used as a video playback engine for FLV video, which is clearly on topic, but it can also be used as a (possibly interactive) vector animation ...
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Audio/Video Signal Questions, Are They On Topic?

I saw that What are or where to find SDI record start/stop ancillary packet specification for Sony, Red or Panasonic was deleted. I wonder if questions like this really should be on topic though. ...
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Are questions about the business of AVP on topic here?

Since the sight is labeled Audio-Video production, one could make an argument that questions relating to the business side of fields like Audio Engineering and the more technical components of the ...
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Questions about where to find resources on topic?

Is this question on topic?
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Is questions about playback on topic?

Is questions about playback, playback tools / equipment on topic?
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Video editing and production questions

I would assume by the name of this site that video editing questions are off-topic, but I couldn't find anything discussed in the comments or sample questions of the proposal on Area 51. Whether they'...
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