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Can this question be reopened or moved to a more appropriate site?

Question link: Can I use FFMPEG in a commercial product I understand it doesn't directly fall into the scope of this site, but considering the number of votes it's got in comparison with other ...
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Why are there only two options for the migration target site?

If you vote to close question as off-topic, and then chose 'This question belongs on another site on the Stack Exchange network', you can select a community to which it should be migrated. However, ...
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When I suggest that a question be migrated why does it only give me two choices?

this question would get a better answer on Electronics but when I vote to close and choose the This question belongs ...
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Should ffmpeg questions on SuperUser be migrated here?

A lot of questions about ffmpeg get asked on SuperUser. Should they be migrated to Video Production? Most of them are on-topic here, more than they are for SU in my opinion. Particularly the ones ...
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Migrate this question back to Video Production

I asked this question some time ago in AVP: The question is about technical challenge when producing a movie,...
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List of questions to be migrated to here once we get out of beta.

Although it's very rare than we can mass migrate questions, there are some relevant questions lying around on other stack exchanges... Questions that fit less on the original site and more on our ...