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Offtopic discussion rephrased, may it be reopened?

I rephrased the questions from Remastering cartoons towards vector animations is this good enough to be reopened?
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Can this question be reopened or moved to a more appropriate site?

Question link: Can I use FFMPEG in a commercial product I understand it doesn't directly fall into the scope of this site, but considering the number of votes it's got in comparison with other ...
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Shopping on Stackoverflow

I was just told that asking for headphone recommendations is not what AVP is for. I was unaware, and the faq did not tell me otherwise. Would it be possible to: Remove the [headphone-recommendation] ...
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Why was this question about mixer features closed? The OP is asking about features necessary for live recording. I don't think this is ...
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Argumentative/subjective guidelines

So, this question: Was closed as argumentative/subjective. Isn't this the exact type of question we want here? ...
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What do you think about shopping recommendations?

Example questions: All Around Workhorse Studio Microphones Digital Effects Unit Technology moves so rapidly that the best shopping recommendations will be utterly obsolete within a year! What’s the ...
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What do you think about localized questions?

Example Question: Digital Effects Unit Other sites tend to disallow too localized questions as in the long end they could result in outdated information and they would thus clutter the site, the ...
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