There's already been some discussion on whether recommendation questions should be allowed. I don't think a conclusion has been reached, but there seems to be tentative support for these questions as long as they are specific and relevant. I think this question is a good example.

So, assuming some recommendation questions are allowed to remain on the site, how should they be tagged?

Any thoughts on how we should tag these question here on ARP?

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I can't imagine a situation where someone'd want to categorize for hardware recommendations versus software recommendations. If I'm looking for a recommendation, I'm going to already have an idea of what category that's in (maybe I'm looking for a particular effect, or I'm soliciting advice on a topic) which will already be more specific and taggable.

Really, I don't see a lot of utility for a recommendation tag of any sort, but I could imagine that someone might want to use it, say, to filter out more subjective questions.

I'd vote for just having the single recommendation tag.

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