I have a specific question about how to use a specific mixer (Behringer X2442-USB) and how to set it up to get specific ins & outs I want. Is this an appropriate forum for that?

If not, can you suggest an appropriate S.E. site for that sort of thing?


UPDATE I posted my question, even though it may be brand/model-of-mixer specific. If you think it would be better served in a different SE, let me know. Thanks!

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    That is a great question. Very well written. I think you will get some good answers. Jun 11 '12 at 18:04

I think it could be a good question for the site. Questions for a specific mixer are usually applicable to mixers in general unless they focus on a specific feature unique to that mixer. Try to word it in such a way that the question is more about the configuration than the mixer.


Title - How do I do X

Question - How can I do X on a mixer? (I have a Behringer X2442-USB)

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