I saw this today morning:

enter image description here

Do we know who and why?

AFAIK, 250+ users have been affected.

Here's a snapshot of the most affected. enter image description here

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    I lost 400 points on VP as well, would like to know who was banned / closed their account ^^' – MoritzLost May 25 '19 at 14:17

Unfortunately, information about suspensions/account removals is private information and can not be disclosed by CMs or moderators unless the party in question chooses to reveal it.

I can say that it would be an account removal rather than a suspension though. A suspension would not impact the reputations of users, only an account removal. (If anyone else notices a name missing from the user list, they are welcome to post it though.)

It's a bit interesting that it impacted so many reputations as well, they used to freeze reputation changes after a while (something like 90 days I think it was) to avoid this kind of recalc on a removal, but I guess they decided to reverse course on that, or maybe just extended it.

This meta post covers more (not much more) from SE on the subject.

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